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Learning is participation in communities of practice, for pupils and teachers alike. Learning is becoming – becoming better – becoming more receptive and attentive to what matters – becoming adept at learning. Therefore we believe that people do their best work together and in cooperation with others.

Our field is education. The basis of education is self-education with and through the other.


If we think of education of young people today, we must always bear in mind that we are working on the feelings, the ideas, the will impulses of the next generation. We must be clear that our present work is to prepare this next generation for tasks that will have to be accomplished sometime in the future of mankind.

Rudolf Steiner

The how of education is what we are trying to gain from our spiritual understanding. Spiritual science differs from any other science in addressing the entire person, in making people skillful in all areas, but especially in their dealings with other human beings. This “how” is what we are trying to look at.

Rudolf Steiner

The important thing is learning to learn. Learning to learn, so that however old one is, one can remain, up to the very year of one’s death, a student of life.It is important that we discover an educational method where people learn to learn, and go on learning from life their whole life long. There is nothing in life from which we cannot learn.

Rudolf Steiner


ELEWA – e-Learning Waldorf

Last September I came into closer contact with e-learning or online-learning – an area of adult education I hadn’t been fully aware of before – in the form of so called MOOCs. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. Several well-known universities such as Harvard, Berkeley and MIT in the US and the Open University in the UK offer free online courses for everyone – that is everyone who has access to the Internet, where ever they live.


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