Martyn has been working intensively with Kath Bransby over the past two years developing a new approach to the Waldorf curriculum, which has been very well received in a number of countries. We have summarised this approach in a recent article in the Bulletin of the Waldorf Research Institute. A new book is in preparation and a detail tool has been introduced to assist teachers plan their main lesson blocks, based on an updated version of the British Waldorf curriculum.  This new approach identifies three layers of curriculum, a macro-layer that offers ideal-typical developmental themes that we believe have general validity. The meso layer refers to the skill and knowledge that relate to the local curriculum requirements that take geographical and cultural factors into account. The micro-layer is what teachers do to adapt the curriculum to the needs of their pupils.  For those who are interested to find out more, we have attached the whole article.

Bransby&Rawson Rethinking Waldorf Curricula