Doing the same things digitally is different!

Re-thinking learning-online through an online Elewa course

Digital Waldorf: cooperative, creative, collegial

Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to draw your attention to the new elewa online course on teaching using online and remote learning. We are offering ideas and experiences from teachers who have already been doing this for a while (including Waldorf teachers in China who have been doing this for 7 weeks already). We want to facilitate exchange and reflection und mutual support in this challenging time. The current situation presents us with challenges we have never had to face before. How can we enable children and young people to experience some Waldorf education under these unusual conditions?

There are already many great creative ideas out there that would be good to share. If you want to learn or share what you learned please join the free elewa course –

Digital Waldorf: cooperative, creative, collegial    at

Warm greetings from the team!

Attached you find a pdf of a text that Martyn wrote about online learning and home schooling.

Distance learning from the perspective of Waldorf learning theory