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Over a thousand people attended the seventh (and last) AWTC at the Mount Emei Resort (China’s Holy Mountain, except China is a secular country). Before the conference there was a two day meeting of people involved in teacher education in Asia, chaired by Florian Osswald of the Pedagogical Section in Dornach. Since I had participated in a similar meeting in Johannesburg, it was interesting to get a picture of Waldorf teacher education in two major regions of the world. Florian is conducting a process of identifying key values and practices in Waldorf teacher education world wide – he has left Europe until last. This will be a very interesting document when it finally appears.

FuFu temple

Window to the world

I could write many pages about my impressions of the conference and China – perhaps I will when I have time – but what I thought would be more useful is to offer two reports on my workshops, because these link up with my workshops at the Pan-African conference. Today I attach my notes on the theme of local and global aspects of the Waldorf curriculum, a theme I worked on in South Africa, too, and wrote about in my last blog. Here I simply offer a few pictures of my brief experiences outside of the conference. About 30 minutes on foot up the mountain through bamboo forest there were two temples which I visited. One day a small group of us took the afternoon off and hired a minibus and went further up the mountain to a beautiful gorge. Otherwise I only saw the landscape from the window of the high speed train to the airport.

Big Buddha by the river

Medicinal plants and charming salesperson

Bridge of sighs (because of the heat and humidity)

Greetings Martyn


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